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Attorney At Law

When you are in need of an attorney, it pays to work with a firm that you can trust. What’s more, you could be a person of any means, from humble to affluent, and experience a range of legal needs over a lifetime. Many families will choose one firm with a range of legal services and call on them over the years to met all of these special requirements as they move through the different phases of life. They also enjoy being able to refer their friends and family members to their trusted law firm so they can enjoy the same confidence that they are being represented by only the best legal minds.

What to Look for in an Attorney

In order to assist you with your search for a qualified attorney, we want to take the opportunity here to explain the different kinds of legal services most larger firms offer to their clients. They usually have a legal department of experts who specialize in one area of the law, and it’s not often their attorneys will move back and forth between departments. Keep in mind that attorneys, regardless of specialty area, will be bound by the ethical rules of the American Bar Association, and these are generally the same from state to state. The letter of the law may be what differs. Expect that your attorney in the U.S. must treat your personal information with confidentiality, represent your interests, inform you when there is a potential conflict of interest, and not recommend things that he or she knows is in violation of laws or rules in the jurisdiction where you live. Because attorneys are held to high ethical standards and must conform to them in order to keep their license to practice in each state, they must govern their own professional and personal behavior throughout their careers. They are, after all, officers of the court. As such, they are subject to fines, discipline, and even imprisonment if they attempt to practice law outside of the rules and laws of their state. They should always have your best interests, both financial and legal, at heart when they give you legal advice.

Areas of the Law

Accident Law

In every state, there is a civil system in which an attorney can help a client to seek justice for being wronged by another party, which is called a tort. In this kind of law, which is also known as personal injury, there is a plaintiff and a defendant. Most states place the burden on the plaintiff to show how the defendant’s deliberate actions or negligence caused their injuries. You would seek this kind of representation if you or a family member was seriously injured, including fracture, scarring, loss of a bodily member, loss of sight or hearing, or death. You will have to prove that your injuries could have been prevented and seek damages for pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

Business Law

Everyone from the small business owner to the multinational corporation will run into disputes with other entities during their lifetime. A company needs legal representation before entering into contracts and for enforcing them. This could mean everything from handling mergers and acquisitions to purchasing insurance and real estate to settling claims with terminated or injured employees. You need this kind of attorney who knows how to help businesses like yours. But, you wouldn’t hire a real estate contracts lawyer to handle a dispute with the car insurance company over your injured employee. You would find one who knows that area of business law. What’s more, business law varies from state to state, especially according to what kinds of corporations are allowed to form within the state. Companies that operate across multiple states and even internationally need expert advice from every country where they do business so their interests are always safeguarded by qualifed legal counsel.

Criminal Law

You have been accused of a crime. You might need to hire an expert in criminal law if you or a loved one has gotten arrested within a state. A criminal attorney must understand a broad set of criminal law statutes governing everything from traffic crimes to theft and from robbery to insurance fraud. Within criminal law, there are many specialties that will affect which kind of lawyer you seek. You wouldn’t hire a DUI defense attorney to handle a corporate tax fraud case. One person works with local judges and law enforcement while the other works with state or federal justice officials.

Family Law

This family law specialty is a growing area of the law that affects anyone who has children, will enter into a marriage or civil partnership, will try to become a parent or foster parent, or will try to write a will. Family law also concerns people who might inherit money, property, or other items from a deceased relative, which is known as probate law. You might need someone who handles family law for help with child parenting/custody/support/paternity issues, separation or divorce, or an estates and trusts lawyer (for probate court).


We see immigration law is frequently in our national news and is a hotly debated topic. There are people on every side of immigration law who have different beliefs about how immigrants (both legal and illegal) should be treated under the laws of the United States. They might have an opinion that leans one way until it personally affects them or someone they know. Then, their beliefs about immigration may certainly change. What’s most important is that people who enter the United States must be treated with respect for their human rights and either accepted here or returned to their home country in ways that conform with international law.

Insurance Defense

This area of the law operates in direct contrast with accident law. Accident law specialists must show demonstrate how the defendant caused the event and injured their client. Insurance defense experts must prove the opposite. They must show that their client was not at fault or was only partially at fault and that the plaintiff’s damages are non-existent or are worth substantially less than they are arguing in their lawsuit. Insurance defense lawyers help insurance carriers stay in business by paying out as little as possible per claim brought against them by injured accident victims. Other insurance defense attorneys may represent their carriers in property damage claims and other business scenarios, including interpreting legal contracts they have with one or more policyholders.

International Law

There are many areas of international law that affect government agencies, private businesses, non-profit organizations, families, and private individuals. You might need to hire an international law expert if you are trying to conduct a transaction between parties in two or more countries. You might also need international law assistance if you are going to work abroad, adopt a child, or purchase property or business assets in another country. Experts in international law must be familiar with their own country's laws as well as the country where their clients originate.

Legal Malpractice

Any attorney, regardless of specialty, can be accused of legal malpractice by a client, a government agency, or a bar association of not practicing law within a national, state, or local government’s laws. Working a legal malpractice case requires a special type of attorney who is going to show how the defendnat lawyer broke the law or ethical standards of the profession or otherwise failed to represent the interests of a client. It is hard to prove legal malpractice because you are asking one attorney to testify that another attorney broke the standards of their profession.

Military Law

The U.S. Armed Forces includes the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Each military person who is currently serving or has served in the past may have a criminal or civil legal issue with the federal government or may break military law. For example, you might need a military law specialist if you are not receiving the appropriate amount of legal support and medical benefits for your dependents based on a disability rating received when you left the military service due to being injured in combat. Or, you might need a military law attorney to defend you when you are being unfairly discharged from service based upon something for which you’re accused but did not do while in uniform.

Personal Injury

As described in accident law above, personal injury involves a person with bodily injury or death caused by another party. Each injured victim requiring personal injury representation must recover from the accident or intentional act in order for the lawyer to assess all medical damages, pain, and suffering.


If a person wants to enter the U.S. or immigrate to another country legally, visas will be needed for vacation or residency purposes. Other visas will be required to open a business or to secure employment. A visas expert will help you and your spouse/children obtain the proper visas from the issuing nation so your movement from country to country is free of legal hassles.


If a person, an organization, or a business is under current business law or credit laws unable to meet its financial obligations and its debts, they may consider filing bankruptcy. There are different types of bankruptcy claims allowed under federal law and state law. Bankruptcy provide protections for the entity that is going under allowing the party to break free from debts after liquidating all of their assets, but they may also be prohibited from operating in the future without repaying their creditors. A bankruptcy stays on your credit record for many years.

If you need help with Accident Law, Business Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Insurance Defense, International Law, Legal Malpractice, Military Law, Personal Injury, Visas, or Bankruptcy, we can help.

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